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Apulia is becoming more and more a popular destination especially for those who want to invest and buy a property to put on income but, at the same time, it must be their dream home to be reached and enjoyed whenever possible!

What are the steps you need to follow in buying your dream home in Apulia?

Today it is increasingly easy to find the right solution to one’s desires thanks to facilities prepared to guide and support clients living in regions other than Apulia during all phases of purchasing, renovating, and eventually bringing income to the desired structure.

It is important to have clear ideas and to trust a well-structured organization that is prepared to handle all the situations that arise during a distance purchase…

What are the steps you need to follow in buying your dream home in Apulia?

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Buying a house in Apulia from a different region may appear to be a long and complex process, but the use of the technology has enabled what seemed impossible just a few years ago: virtual tour that allow 360-degree tours of the facility from the comfort of home, video calls e floor plans with detailed measurements will give the opportunity to realize exactly how much space the facility offers.

Of course, it will be necessary to rely on a’well-structured organization who will be able to work alongside buyers during all steps of the purchase that will go from immmobile search to purchase, renovation (in cases where needed) to the possibility of placing the property within a holiday rental circuit by putting it into income During periods when it is not used by the owners.

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Step 1: Structure search

Until recently, the search for the ideal structure was a long process, requiring a lot of energy and also a lot of time in order to view all possible proposals and sift through them… today there is a new figure which is also perfectly suited to the needs of those who, not being locally located, wish to buy homes: the property finder.

It is a person, often and frequently a real estate agent, who takes over the the needs of the customer and is committed to finding the solution that best fits the demand, will take care of searching through online facilities, but will make great use of the knowledge of the territory to also identify facilities that are not yet on the market; will make the visits in the client’s place and select 1 or at most 2 facilities for the client to view. The property finder will accompany his client all the way to the purchase by going through the production of all the documents that bureaucracy requires.

Step 2: restructuring

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The structure purchased may need minor fix-up work or a process of actual renovation.The need to plan the work well and to rely on a very competent construction company is the primary step to avoid having problems that, at a distance, would be complex to solve.

Having a well-defined schedule of work and clear ideas is a good starting point: it will be very helpful to draw up a timetable of the work and the main steps to be followed. You will be able to check progress step by step using simple video calls, but it is a good idea to establish in-person visits from time to time as well.

Step 3: Enter the facility into a Holiday Rental circuit.

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In the case of purchasing a structure for tourism investment purposes, it will be very important to rely on and follow, even before purchasing, the advice from an expert in holiday rental: the location of the facility, the type of renovation, and thefurnishings one chooses represent key variables that impact the economic return a facility will have.

Following the advice of the expert, who knows exactly the tastes and needs of clients, even during the renovation phase, can greatly improve the economic outcome of the investment. Placing your home on the holiday rental circuit also means you have the option of reserving certain times of the year to enjoy your facility.

Step 4: property management

Management of the more challenging facilities, often with gardens and swimming pools, will need to be entrusted to organizations that provide for regular interventions for maintenance that will ensure that the structure is always tidy and ready to receive owners or guests in case it has been placed within the holiday rental circuit.

The services offered by property manager companies may be diverse including cleaning, changing linens, garden and pool maintenance to give a few examples but still aimed at keeping the property in good condition in the absence of the owner.

Start envisioning your home purchase in Puglia, we are here to give you all the information you need.


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