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If we ask people who want to buy a house in Italy in which area do they dream of buying property? Most people, until a while ago would have thought of Tuscany….and some still do, but times have changed.
The word on the lips of foreign investors in recent times is Puglia ….Shining star of southern Italy, it is rapidly overtaking Tuscany and is now the second most sought-after region in all of Italy for foreign buyers.

But why is Puglia an ideal destination for foreign buyers, not only for investment but also for personal use? Those three little words THE SWEET LIFE

Mild climate year-round, warm crystal-clear waters on the Adriatic coast that make you feel like you’re in a giant hot bath or better yet on a tropical island.

They don’t call it the Italian Maldives for nothing! But it is not only the beaches and the climate that attract tourists and investors who flock to Apulia in droves every year and always increasing! It is the rich culture, the rustic beauty, the countryside full of olive trees, the Trulli that can only be found in this region, it is the simple lifestyle that fascinates people from all over the world.

Apulia has incredible variety in its real estate proposal; seaside town apartments in charming old towns, rustic farmhouses otherwise known as “masserias,” villas with swimming pools and olive groves , or the iconic trulli, the cone-shaped properties that have become so fashionable for both vacations and investments!

But it is also the price structure that is extremely attractive to Apulia. We are not talking about the inflated price of Northern Italy and saturated foreign demand. Puglia is still unspoiled in many areas, incredibly rustic and very reasonably priced there are still desirable bargains both in the charming historic towns near the beach and in the countryside where you can immerse yourself in total peace and relax and breathe in the smells of the Mediterranean.

Puglia is Italy’s vacation hotspot, so the tourist rental industry here is booming.

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