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There is no doubt that we are going through a very special time these months. All over the world we have experienced a pandemic that we will probably never experience again in our lives.

But it is precisely during these periods of extreme uncertainty that we They generate opportunities everywhere. The housing market in Italy is certainly an attractive market for buyers, with house prices expected to fall by about the 4% for the rest of 2020 and throughout 2021. That’s why right now is the ideal time to Buying house in Apulia.

However, it should be remembered that buying a property in Italy, goes far beyond buying a property. You are buying a piece of history. Italy is not a place, it is an emotion.

Puglia is the second most sought-after region in all of Italy for property purchases by foreign investors. The vacation rental market here in Puglia (despite the 2020 season) is extremely fruitful and steadily growing, despite everything.

The amount of people who desperately want to come to Apulia for vacation is truly amazing. The pandemic has strengthened even more their desire to vacation in our beautiful region, so if you are looking to buy property in order to turn it into a successful vacation home, then now is the time to start looking.

Or alternatively if you are looking to buy a property for your residential use, to undertake a whole new way of living, then we have something for you. The lifestyle here in Puglia is famous for its mild year-round climate, relaxed atmosphere, and streets full of history and culture.

It also offers a wonderful coastline that will take your breath away as soon as you have a chance to be reflected in its sea. Why not listen to that nagging feeling in your heart that is dreaming of Italy and not act now! You could be one of the lucky ones bending the market fluctuations we are experiencing right now to your advantage.

Click on the link to view all of our properties for sale or, alternatively, contact us and let us know what you are looking for specifically and we will do our best to find the dream home you have been looking for.

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