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Selling your home quickly, risk-free, and with the right satisfaction is possible, but you need to be prepared: the decision to sell your home is tied to a series of choices on which the outcome of the transaction will depend, and having the right information and being prepared is a fundamental starting point.

Relying on a serious real estate agency and having all documentation in order is the first step toward a satisfactory sale.

I want to sell house: entrusting the exclusive assignment

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that outsourcing to multiple agencies will help sell sooner and better, increase visits and visibility of your property–nothing could be more wrong!

Entrust your home for sale to multiple agencies hides a number of pitfalls that risk thwarting any effort: the agencies involved will have less interest in promoting the house in preference to exclusive contracts, they will not sponsor let alone give visibility, not to mention that the same structure on multiple storefronts could give the feeling of not really be a good deal Since multiple agencies are needed to sell it!

Entrusting one’s facility for sale on an exclusive basis, on the other hand, will ensure commitment on the part of the entrusted agency to sell on the agreed terms: to do so, the agency will invest in all its channels, have an interest in offering the facility to its clients, and be motivated to sell as quickly as possible.

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I want to sell house: the choice of agency

The first advice to sell home is to choose aspecialized agency, it is necessary to turn to those who know very well the market segment we are interested in: it is obvious that the target market for a three-room apartment in a residential area will be markedly different from that of the historic farmhouse in the countryside to be renovated, choosing a specialized agency will mean addressing the right segment market, thereby optimizing their efforts.

The agency, if it is reliable, will take care of all aspects of the negotiation: from gathering documentation to advertising the property on specialized channels, will take photos and virtual tours to facilitate viewing the property online as well, and will engage in the search for potential buyers up to the compromise and the deed.

The reliable agency, knowing the market well, will be able to make an assessment in line with the target market, thus increasing the chances of selling quickly and without risk.

Reliable agency can be recognized by a few key aspects:

  • works only with exclusive assignments
  • specializes in one market and is not content to sell any type of property
  • does not accept verbal assignments
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    I want to sell my house: the documents needed to sell your property

    The Second tip for selling your property quickly and smoothly is to have all documentation in order:

    • EPA

    The Energy Performance Certificate (EPA) must be shown on all property advertisements, which are required to report how much energy is required to heat the property or produce hot water. Unfortunately, even today there are listings without energy class indication that are pitched as bargains but, then, turn out to be loaded with problems to be solved.

    • Certificate of fitness of the property

    It is necessary to prove that the property meets all safety and energy-saving standards regarding all installed systems as well. It is a mandatory document and can be obtained from the appropriate municipal offices.

    • Notarial deed

    It contains information about the owner of the property he or she wants to sell and is sealed in front of a notary public. The deed serves to ensure that the deed is valid and confirms the identity of the seller.

    • Mortgage Visura

    It serves to ensure that the seller is not burdened with mortgages, foreclosures or injunctions. It is necessary in order to be sure that the property for sale has not already been pledged (even for a part).

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    If the property was received as an inheritance, it will be necessary to attest it in front of the notary. If during the years the property has undergone changes without having the permissions you will have to regularize the position by paying a fine to the municipality and requesting the intervention of a technician who will have to redo the cadastral records.

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    The property must, therefore, be in good standing from one point of view:

    • energy
    • cadastral
    • practicability
    • have no mortgages or pending payments

    If you wish to sell your property, rely on a trained agency that will follow you through all stages of buying and selling.

    Put your property up for sale and request a free consultation.

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