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If you are looking to purchase a property in order to turn it into a successful vacation home , it is essential to undertake some sort of home staging strategy to ensure that you are directly targeting your ideal guest/client who will ensure not only more bookings but also excellent reviews!

Here are our top tips for home staging your property.

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1. Identify your ideal customer

Now this might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people try to cater to families by offering a tiny apartment, with a loft bed and no living space! Know your market! Know your customer! If you are trying to attract families, make sure your property is properly equipped with the essentials: crib, high chair and changing table. What are the things your customers like and dislike? What are they looking for when they stay in a vacation rental in Italy? What kind of experience are they looking for? The more you can tap into the psyche of your ideal customer, the easier it will be to tailor your property to their needs and generate repeat and recurring bookings.

2. Do not fill too many beds

Now, as high as the temptation may be to get as many beds in your property to increase your rental income, you may actually be hurting your long-term rental business. People don’t want to feel on top of each other in a property; less is more. Create beautiful living spaces where you want to enjoy and relax in the property rather than feeling like you’re all squished in!

3. A welcome basket is essential

Imagine this. You are arriving at your apartment after your plane has been delayed a few hours, you arrive late, and the kitchen in your apartment is empty. Nothing creates a better first impression than a welcome basket. It does not have to be extravagant. But a small basket with water, a bottle of wine, pasta, tomatoes to make a sauce, olive oil, coffee, milk and breakfast essentials are essential. You want your guests to feel cared for, that you have their best interests at heart. Remember that happy guests lead to excellent reviews or return!

4. A well-equipped kitchen

Give your guests a well-equipped kitchen. This does not mean that your kitchen has to be exceptionally large, but enough to satisfy the essentials. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery, and wine glasses, and let’s not forget a bottle opener to celebrate and entertain guests while they cook local gourmet delicacies !

5. Themes

Dress your property according to a theme in keeping with its location. Ideally if your property is on the beach, you can opt for neutral tones. If your property is in the mountains, opt for traditional wood-like features. Don’t confuse the themes, it willonly confuseyour guests.

6. Choice of linen

When choosing bedding, classic styles never go out of style. Cool, soft, uniform lines are an excellent choice, and always make sure the bedding is right!

7. Services

Be sure to provide the necessary amenities and items for an excellent stay; air conditioning, heating, WIFI, TV, kitchen equipment, and excellent lighting.

8. Outdoor space

If your property has an outdoor space, make sure it is used to its full potential and create a wonderful space That it is an outdoor dining room, so that your guests can dine outdoors under the stars or that they are comfortable lounge chairs so that they can watch the sunset From their terrace overlooking the sea. Whatever outdoor space your facility provides, be sure to buy good quality weatherproof furniture!

9. Photo shoot

Last but not least, the photo shoot. Now, as you present your property to the marketplace, regardless of whether it is the regular vacation rental portals such as Airbnb or Booking, your photos MUST take priority.


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